Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last P-Day in Provo

August 9, 2010

Dear family,
This last week as gone by so fast. On Tuesday we had another LGM and devotional. The LGMs have all been very helpful for me as I prepare for my mission. On Wednesday we had another TRC appointment. We had to contact about families and the importance of families in Spanish and then teach the first Lesson in English. Our contact went great. The woman we contacted was pretty nice about how poor our Spanish was. She was very patient with us. Our lesson was kind of rough. We were working with our investigator on Joseph Smith and where he got his authority as a prophet. One of the teachers was our investigator and he made it pretty tough, but at the end the Spirit was there and he accepted the commitments we gave him so it turned out alright. On Thursday and Friday nothing happened other than the daily grind of the MTC, but on Saturday we had another practice lesson. This time we taught Lesson 2 which is on the Plan of Salvation. It was a train wreck. I learned a lot from it though. The 2 missionaries we were teaching gave us some great tips for the future. We ran in circles and didn't teach very well but we were finally improving by the end of the lesson. On Sunday we had our departure devotional and a Sunday night fireside. There have been a lot of talks and devotionals on service and obedience since I got here. The Spirit continues to be so strong. We have been preping to leave today and tonight we have a Health and Safety meeting for departure. Tomorrow we will be packing so we can be ready to leave by 6:00 a.m. (Much better than the 4:30 that we had to get to the MTC.) There is a group of about 40 missionaries going to the MTC in Peru at the same time as us. At least thats what it looked like at the departure devotional. My flight group is 8 missionaries. I am actually flying on Delta Airlines so my bags can be 50 pounds and I can have 40 pound carry-on not to mention I can use my backpack as my little back so wight and room won't be an issue and Ill be able to bring plenty to study on the 12 to 13 hour trip to Peru. If there is one thing I wish I had done more of before I left was study Preach My Gospel more. Trevor and Alex and Megan (just in case) should study PMG as soon as possible. Especially the Lessons in Chapter 3. Know them in English really well and practice teaching the doctrines in them and you will not be as overwhelmed when you get to the MTC. They use PMG so much in the MTC. Study the scriptures as well. The more knowledge you have the easier it will be when you turn 19 and leave on your missions. (Or 21 if Megan decides to go. :) ) It will still be overwhelming, but it will be less. Spanish is still tough, but it is getting easier. I can understand a lot that the missionaries who have been here long are saying, but responding is difficult and frustrating.
I do get your Dear Elder letters, but I wasn't able to respond to them because they don't print them off until 5:30 every night, and I have to write earlier than that. (Sunday's don't get printed off until Monday night.) Sounds like everything is going well at home, and Bar-T is still lots of fun. Im glad to hear that the ward has another baptism. This work is so important. If I could request one thing, it would be for you to pray for the investigators learning the gospel and the potential investigators around the world. Missionaries are told to not try and figure out how well they taught, but to try and figure out how the investigator is feeling. We are instructed to teach to lead the investigator to know certain things, to feel certain things, and to be willing to do certain things to exercise their faith. (This depends on the progress of the investigator and what Lesson is being taught.) Commitments are so essential. Beacause if they won't keep their commitments it will be harder for them to be ready for covenants made in the church. This work is moving forward and it is so incredible. The next time I write you, I will be in Peru! If letters are sent to Provo after I am gone they will be returned to sender with the correct address. All that will be needed is the extra postage. :) I love you all. Work hard. Keep the faith. Strive to be better every day.

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