Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 21, 2011

Hey family,

Glad to hear that everything is going well at home and that you are all doing well to finish up the school year. Congratulations to megan for graduation high school in a few weeks. That´s way cool. Im glad to hear about all of the experiences you are having at home and that you are a ll trying to do your best in school, and sports, and with you friends. It was great to talk to you all last week and get to hear how everything is going. And before I forget.
Happy Birthday Dad. for 2 days ago, and Happy Birthday Trevor for tuesday. Its crazy for me to think that Trevor is going to be 16 this next week.

This last week has been pretty tough here in the office. We have had a lot to do. The crazy thing is that we are 1 and a half weeks from the next transfer, and I don´t feel like Ive even been in the office 2 weeks. Its been going so fast because Ive been so busy. Elder Olivera and I have been running all over the place, and trying to help wherever we could. Lately I have been feeling a little down, but I am hoping to start feeling better soon. I think my solution is to just get out and find someone to teach. It is also interesting to see all of the things that have been going on in the office, and I have had the opportunity to get to know a few more people. I hope that everything continues to go well for you, and that the last few weeks of school will be good.

Sorry this is short, but I don´t have a whole lot to report. I love you all.


Monday, May 16, 2011

May 15, 2011

Hey family,
Well it was great to talk to you this last week, and hear all of the changes that are happening, and all the things that hardly change. Its been really interesting to see the differences that come with more maturity and more responsibility for me and for everyone in the family. Im also glad to hear that I no longer hold the record for the most time at an intersection trying to get the car to start moving in first gear. (Thanks Trevor) Glad to hear that you and Megan are both learning to drive manual cars. Ive found the manual cars are a lot more fun to drive. You´ll learn to like it, I promise. Glad to hear that everyone is staying busy. Its weird for me to think that my little sister is going to college in a few months and that number 3 has started driving. I would just like to remind mom and dad that you should start feeling old right now. :) Although, out of all the Elders here in the mission, I don´t think I´ve heard of an Elder yet with younger parents, so I guess you´re still doing pretty good.
This last week has been filled with work... again... I was hoping that about the 3rd or 4th week of the transfer, things would start slowing down a little so that we could go out into our sector and work some more, but I was wrong. This week we have been doing lots of things, although we have had the opportunity to get started with a few plans to work with the members. We are planning ward activities with the ward and planning ways to bring more investigators to church. We have had to buy things, take things to the areas of missionaries, pay legal payments, and do a multitude of other things. I have learned here how the Lord helps us when we do what He requires of us. Sometimes I don´t feel much like a missionary in the office, and we don´t have a lot of time to teach people, but the Lord is blessings us with good people to teach. We are teaching Lourdes, well kind of. We have only had one lesson with her so far because she can only meet with us on Sunday and last Sunday was Mother´s Day so she was with her mother, but we called her during the week and she told us that she had read the whole chapter that we assigned her. I think it was the third time that someone has told me that my whole mission, so we are excited for her and we are going to meet with her this Sunday and hopefully we can invite her to be baptized. She is awesome. Monday we also found a woman named Gloria to teach. She is awesome. She has 2 little daughters, one who is 9 and the other who is 4 and she is really humble and really wants to listen. We are hoping to have a lot of success with these two sisters. I learn new things here every week. We also have had the opportunity to help with a few of the investigators of the sister missionaries that we share the ward with. We gave a blessing to a little boy and his mom. (his mom is getting baptized later in the month) and they were a great family to talk to. The mom´s mom and sister are members and the family is really great. We also have had the opportunity to help the assistants out with their investigators a few times when they were prepping for conferences.
I have learned the truth of the work here. I have learned a few things about myself and what are the important things in this life. I have learned the way that I need to go with my life, and how I can have success in my life. My patriarchal blessing says somethings about me having success in my life, and before, I didn´t feel like I could. The school wasn´t easy, I didn´t do well in college and I didn´t have a direction. My friends definitely helped me and definitely, you my family helped me, but to be honest, I was a little bit lost. I have learned about the importance of families. I have learned about the love that people who have almost nothing have for each other. I realized yesterday when I was thinking for a little bit, that I know why I came to Perú. I know that part of it was so that I could teach the people here. There is at least one person here that I can help in a way that no one else can, however, I believe that God sent me here for me as well. To teach me these lessons. To help me realize what was really important. I know I´ve changed. I´m not exactly sure how, because it has been a slow and steady process, but I have changed, and I believe it has been for the better. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us. I know that the most success that we can have in this earth is inside our families, and then outside our families the most important thing is not how much money we make, what our business card says, or even if we have a business card. The most important thing for us is to show our love for other people to love the people around us as Christ loves us, and to have a positive effect on peoples lives. I read a story called "Pato o águila, tu decides" which is the story of a taxi driver who makes a change in his life from the life style of the Duck (Pato) that just makes noise to the eagle (águila) who soars above. I think we should all strive to be a little better or as I think President Hinckley said. "Try a little harder to be a little better." It may have been President Monson. I´m not sure. This story taught me that the effect I can have on people can be great and my attitude in whatever situation Im in is essential. I love you all and hope everything continues to go well. I know the church is true and it blesses the lives of everyone. Good luck this week and remember that smiling is the best medicine.


1. This is what happens when two Elders try to cook hamburgers in a frying pan. My companion is doing his best to cook without getting burnt by popping oil.
2. The little boy we blessed. He is awesome.
3. The time we have to study. When we are waiting for someone, or in a brief break for five minutes.
May 8, 2011

Hey family,
Glad to hear that everything is going well, and that the kids are all staying involved in things. And about the shoes, don´t worry about it. I came with 2 pairs of shoes and I have only really worn one of the two. I won´t need shoes at all for my mission, and being in the office I have learned that it is a pain to get packages in the mission. The office has to go to the post office and it takes like 2 hours to get a package from outside the united states.
This week was pretty good. We had a multi-zone conference during the week, and it was pretty sweet to hear. I had the opportunity to watch Elder Bate and Elder Asqui plan for their training, and it was really good. My favorite part about it was what President Tyler said. He spoke about the importance of prayer in the work. He said that we are working in a world of repetitive padre nuestros (The Lord´s Prayer), dad can explain what it is. He talked about the importance of really praying and helping our investigators understand the importance of really praying. He pointed out that prayers are the way we can communicate with a supreme being. People want to talk to the famous people... Sports players, celebrities, presidents... but we fail to recognize sometimes that the most powerful being of our universe is just one prayer away and he wants to hear our prayers.
We also had the opportunity to start teaching two more investigators. Lourdes who is 20 and Jasmine who is 12. They both are interested. We actually thought Jasmine was a member, but it turns out that her mom, who is a member, won´t let her get baptized because of what her ex-husband, who was also a member, did. I think she blames the church. Lourdes is awesome and we hope to get a baptismal date with her soon. We are also still working with a teenager named Wilson and a man named Rafael.
The office is still tough, but it is really interesting to do something different. And I know I am serving the Lord in the office by trying to help the missionaries in the mission. I love you all and would like to wish a happy birthday (late I know) to Trent and a Happy Mother´s Day to mom.

April 29, 2011
Hey family,
Well, this week went really fast. We have had a whole lot to do. I have been all over Lima a few times and I have had to pay a bunch of legal documents and things like that. Elder Olivera and I have had a lot of things we have had to do because of the recent changes. Changes for rooms, sending letters to families of missionaries. Sending letters to the future missionaries of the mission, but it has been a good experience so far.
One of the many things I have noticed since I got here were the huge difference in the areas. It is only 20 minutes but I went from run down rooms that didn´t have their own water to apartment buildings and houses with water heaters. I went from only knowing 3 people with cars, all old and beat up to seeing a Ferrari in the street one night. (It was a sweet Ferrari). It was interesting to see the difference between wards. I love it here in Lince. I miss being able to teach more people, but I still hope to teach a bunch of people.
To start the week of, we went looking for a reference which we were given on Monday and then we knocked some doors. To make a long story really short. A lot of doors got slammed in our face. Actually to be honest no doors got slammed in our face. They just all turned us down from their 2nd floor windows and their intercoms.
Tuesday we didn´t have any lessons. We happened to be in the office or doing things for the office all day. We had three missionaries come in during the week. 2 who finally received their visas to come to Peru from the United States. (looks like I got here at a good time.) Because of that, we were really busy.
Wednesday was pretty cool. I had a cool experience. Elder Bate (assistant) and I went out to help some Elders look for a new room. Its kind of hard to find rooms that follow the rules the church wants to keep the spirit with us and keep us save. (Things like a bathroom inside our room, avoiding living in the same house as young women and mostly just keeping us in a place where we can feel the spirit.) We didn´t find a room for them, but in the search we stumbled across an 82 year old lady who had assisted the church in Miami for a year and a half. We taught her again, and she invited us to come back. We won´t be going back personally, but we both felt like she was ready to be baptized. She was awesome.
Thursday, Elder Olivera and I had the opportunity to drive to El Augustino (one part of the mission) to San Martin (other part, other side of the mission) to take things to missionaries. During this time we were using a small truck, and we were able to teach Caileb a little bit. Caileb is basically our mover guy. (I will later be sending a picture of his truck. Its pretty awesome) Caileb has been moving things for missionaries for 4 or 5 years and has never really been invited to come to church. Caileb is awesome and we hope he will progress to the point that he gets baptized with his family. We also met with an inactive family and it was a great experience. We had a great lesson with the children of the family. They are interested in coming to church again, and I really felt like they felt the spirit.
Friday was by far the best day as far as proselyting goes. As I mentioned before (i think). As part of my responsibilities in the office President Tyler also asked me to be a District Leader in the mission, which means I will have the opportunity to do baptismal interviews. Yesterday I had my first one. It was a young man named Fernando. He was awesome, and he was really prepared to be baptized. He has made mistakes in the past, but really understood the meaning of Repentance. I loved the opportunity. While I was doing that, my companion went with one of the other two missionaries there to a lesson in my sector. He found an inactive woman who´s husband isn´t a member of the church. He challenged them both to come to church Sunday and they both said they would.
I have learned this week of how the Lord blesses us when we strive to do his will and we accept the responsibilities he has given us. I know that this work is important and I want you all to know that same thing. I love you all,

April 22, 2011

Hey family,

Well this is going to be another short one.

This week has been pretty much the most hectic week of my life. I have had so many responsibilities here in the office. I am hoping things will slow down a little bit next week so we can go out and proselyte. I have been helping missionaries with medical things, I took two elders to the airport who have finished their missions and are going home, I have been to Callao and back 2 (40 minutes each way), Condevilla and back (45 minutes each way), San Luis (30 minutes each way), and all over San Isidro. Basically, I do all sorts of things.

I am curious. Did you ever receive a letter from the mission that had a picture of me with President and Sister Tyler in it? We send one to the parents of all new missionaries, but I haven´t heard of many elders whose parents actually receive the letters.

About the office.
There are 6 missionaries in the office. 2 of them are the Webbs... The Webbs are from Arizona and don´t speak very much Spanish. Sister Webb speaks almost none. Which is hard, because I do some translating.

The next two are the assistants... Elder Asqui and Elder Bate. Elder Asqui is from Ecuador, and he has been an assistant way too long. He is starting his 6th change in the office. To give you a reference, I was in my first sector 5 changes. He will be in the office up until about 8 and a half months. A long time.
Elder Bate is from Springville, Utah. He is really cool. He is really humble and he has helped me a lot since I got here.

Next is us.
Elder Olivera is my companion. He is from Jaén, Perú. If you want to know where that is, It is about 2 hours south of the border with Ecuador. So go to where Perú meets Ecuador in Google Maps, and then go south. Its part of the Department of Cajamarca. So if you can find the city of Cajamarca, go north and you will find Jaén. He is awesome. He is way humble, and he wants to work hard. Its really cool. We get along great. He takes care of packages for Elders and things like that.
Then there is me. I am the President´s Personal Secretary, which basically means that I do anything and everything they ask me too.

Lately we haven´t had a lot of lessons, but we have had a few good lessons with Taxi Drivers. This is a new learning experience for me. Its hard. But I can do it. Im excited and hope that everything continues to go well.

I hope that everything is going well at home. I know the gospel is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and he leads us and guides us through revelation from Jesus Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is true. In the 9 months I have been on my mission, I have found the truthfulness of it more every day. I love this gospel. And I love you all.

April 16, 2011

Hey family,

I would like to start with a question. The family is going to Florida? And if yes... Why are all the cool trips to places like Kirtland, Ohio, part of new york and Florida all happening after I´ve left?.. Being the oldest stinks.

Well now that Im done whining.

Quick update... I got a change!!! I´ll explain that a little later...

Ok, its a little later...

If you can´t tell by the fact that Im separating a lot of my sentences, I don´t have much to say about this week.

I don´t remember. But my agenda tells me that we that we had a lesson and we challenge Naomi and Maria to baptism. And they accepted! Yes!

A normal day as a missionary... We visited a few people and we did our thing.

Now about the change.
Wednesday morning at about 7:00 I got a call from President Tyler... But I was in the shower so I had to call him back... When I called him he asked me to be his Personal Secretary in the office for the next few changes. Wednesday I started in my new sector. Elder Linares has been working in the sector with a member for the last few days.

So here I am.

So Saturdays will now be my P-Day. always.

I have to go do responsibilities now.

Sorry about the short letter. Ill write more next week.