Monday, February 28, 2011

February 21, 2010
Hey family,
Im glad to hear that the blue and gold banquet went really well. I think I may need to repent of the pride I felt when I saw the pictures that you sent me. Im gonna have to say that the wall you made is pretty awesome, but my pride was that the tunic I made for my 9th grade English class is still being used. Although, with it next to the dress that Megan made for the same class, I feel pretty beaten, but thats okay! Im gonna have to say though, it sounds like a few people put on a few pounds in the Blue and Gold. Its good that you threw some carrot sticks and apple slices in there to make it look healthy. Needless to say, I want some brownies. My mouth was watering when you told me that. I have everything else on that list here, (And they really like hot dogs here. I still don`t.) I just would really like some brownies. You can add that to the list of things I want to eat when I get home.
Glad to hear that the sports are going well. Everyone needs to always remember that winning is less important than having fun... Although, winning helps. Im also glad to hear that Utah State beat St. Mary`s. St. Mary`s beat us last year in the Spectrum and I was pretty bitter, so Im glad to hear they won. Im glad that ESPN wants to give them a 9 seed too, which would be awesome! They just need to win out to do it.
About Perù...

This last week had its ups and downs. for the most part it was good, but our work slowed down for a few things. My companion was a little sick on Saturday which was rough, but Saturday finished awesome!!! Ruby`s baptism went great. She has a really strong testimony. We also set a baptismal date in stone por este Sàbado, 26 Febrero. (He he, spanish) We also have lots of plans to set baptismal dates this week with a few investigators. Its cool to see that we are getting more baptismal dates, although Ill probably be leaving before most of them happen.

This Saturday we had a really cool activity. We had Free Car Wash. It was really cool. We had a bunch of missionaries and the 16 missionaries in my Zone and we washed cars for whatever person that wanted to have their car washed. It was really cool, because... When we were washing their cars we had a group of 8 missionaries teaching them. We got about 35 references for missionaries. Its cool, because, we are washing their cars for free and for about 10 minutes they are just standing there waiting. Its not like they are going to say no to a brief message. We are washing their car for free. There were lots of good experiences that people had.

Thanks for all the help you have given me, and thanks for the recipes (i like dad`s versions the most), although Im not sure if I have everything I will need for pancakes, but french toast will be fun.

The church is true, I love you all. I hope you can find times to share the gospel. Its an amazing feeling to bring someone to Christ. My scripture of the week is actually in the Liahona from conference. Its the talk by Russell M. Nelson from the Priesthood Sesson. Its called, Be an Example of the Believers. Its awesome. Keep the faith, and remember when life gets tough that Jesus Christ will help you with any problem you have.


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