Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hey family,
To start off with, I would like to thank you for all of the e-mails and for telling me happy birthday when I wasn`t there. And if you could also pass the word to Jared and Elisa for their short messages of happy birthday that would be awesome!
I am also thrilled to hear that the Final Four is an awesome collection of nobodies. (Well not really, just lower seeds). Just to let you know, I am cheering for Virginia Commonwealth and Butler. I really don`t care which one wins or who wins between Kentucky and Connecticut. I just want the winner to be Butler or Commonwealth.

Glad to hear that everything is going well at home. Congrats to Megan for winning in Church ball. Its probably not that big of a deal, but I think its cool. Its also awesome that you are putting lots of effort into the orchestra pit of your school play. I wish I had gotten involved in something cool like that. I was too busy attending every sporting event that I could.

Its awesome that Trevor is progressing in Piano too. I just have one thing to say... Trevor, you may be better than me at the piano when I get back, but you definitely won`t be better than me at playing "Jesus Once of Humble Birth" on the piano. I swear, Ive played that song about every other week for the sacrament hymn in my ward. That and Called to Serve. Hymns in general, because its pretty much all I have to play on the piano.

Props to Alex for making your schools soccer team. It will be tons a work, but I bet it will be pretty awesome too. I also noticed that Alex is doing pretty much everything. I hear. 2 Soccer teams - Alex, Drama class play - Alex, Science project with menthos - Alex. Wow dude. Do you ever have time to just relax. Awesome.

Bad break for Adam in his soccer practice with the bloody nose. Way to be awesome about it. Bad stuff happens sometimes. And after the cleanup, I bet the soccer was fun. I am also interested in your Da Vinci project. That`s pretty cool.

Other note: I need Trent and Trevor to back me up. Right now it looks like our family is turning into a soccer family. Now soccer is a great sport. But I just can`t be okay with that. I hope to hear that Adam continues to be awesome at basketball too. And of course, Trent can play whatever he wants, but I am pushing for basketball. :)

And for Trent, way to be a good sport with your car races. I am way proud to hear about my little brother Trent and his desire to have everyone be happy. Its way cool.

About Lima.
This week started out well and finished a little rough. Needless to say, I am never telling anyone here what day my birthday is. I feel like we wasted a bunch of time on my birthday, (The day I wanted to have tons of success). Its one custom of Peru that actually bugs me a little bit. Our pencionista actually got a little offended when I didn`t want to spend 2 or 3 hours of our time on my birthday in her house. And then at 6;30 my companion was thirsty, because its hot, and he sugested that we go to the pencionistas house for a little bit of our dinner time to get a drink. The little bit of time turned into 2 and a half hours as my companion sided with the pencionista. Frustrating, but its what happened. Saturday was just rough. Nobody wanted to listen. We witnessed someone chasing someone else with a gun. (don`t worry, we walked in the opposite direction.) And it just didn`t finish well. But Sunday was awesome. 10 people came to church. We are also planning to set a bunch of baptismal dates this week, again, since last week it didn`t happen for a couple reasons.
Betty and Joel are progressing. Joel told us he isn`t going to drink anymore. We are going to work with them this week.
Julia, Enrique, and Tracy are also progressing.
We set a baptismal date for Miguel for the 23rd of April.
Lucero and her brother (New investigators) came to church.
Delia came to church. She just needs to be married and she can be baptized. She wants to do both.
A couple inactives came. it was awesome.

I hope everything continues to go well. Im pushing forward here.
I wanted to give an invitation to all of the kids, and to mom and dad, but mostly to the kids:
Bear your testimony to your friends. Members and non members.
I was thinking about it, and when I was in junior high and high school, I didn`t do it. I also didn`t ask about my friends testimonies, and now I kind of wish I knew what their testimonies were. I kind of wish I had heard about their testimonies. In college it was a little easier in a student ward. But its a great feeling to know your friends testimonies.
I love you all.

PS. Dad.
Elder Baez, who is from Cordoba, wants to know what stakes or wards you served in. His parents were baptized in 94-95 so they won`t know you, but we are still curious.

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