Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 6, 2010
Hola familia!Im glad to hear that everything is going well in Maryland right now.Glad to hear that Megan finally passed the test of death. Im justgoing to say that I am really glad I got my driver´s license in Utah,because Maryland´s driving test is crazy. Glad to hear that the boyswere able to have a piano recital this year. I think that recitalsare a great opportunity to learn how to play songs a lot better. Whyisn´t Trevor taking from the same teacher? Is he taking lessons from amore advanced teacher? That would be awesome, because I still expecthim to have written 10 songs by the time I get back. Sounds likebasketball is going to be pretty fun this year, and Im glad that Adamhas a good coach. I hope he can learn sportsmanship a little betterthan I did. About here in Peru.Lets start with the unhappy, so we can finish happy of course!!! :)Milagros didn't have her baptism again, and this time she gave us lesstime to cancel the baptism for the people in the ward. We passed byher house Saturday in the morning to talk to her because she wastravelling that night, and so we were going to have to have herconfirmation the following Sunday. And she was okay with that. So westarted the water for the baptismal font and went to our serviceactivity that we had planned. We returned had lunch (directly after,we were running around all day) and went to get the keys to the churchfrom the members cleaning the church at about 3:00. At about 3:00, wereceived a call from Milagros. She said she didn't want to bebaptized, didn't give us a reason or a day we could come by again andtalk to her, and she hung up. Her baptism was scheduled for 4:00, sowe ran to our apartment, changed and ran back to the church to sit inthe church until 5 and tell people that we weren't actually having abaptism that day. We couldn't spread the word the normal way so wehad to wait at the church. And on top of that Lourdes (one of ourawesome investigators) came during the time we weren't at the church,so she got news of the non-baptism from a member. Lourdes then didn'tcome to church Sunday and we aren't sure why? Needless to say,Saturday was a pretty miserable day. GOOD NEWS: Im not worried about Lourdes. She is awesome and we have anappointment Tuesday that we can talk to her. OTHER NEWS: We had two exchanges and an "invación" this week. It made it a littletough to work because I was with other people 3 different days thisweek.Tuesday I was with Elder Becerra in his sector because our Zone had anawesome day where all of the missionaries in the Zone go with adifferent missionary. I learned a lot from Elder Becerra. He is amissionary of the same group as me. (We both started July 21, 2010)It was a great day. On Sunday we had an "invación" (I think that translates to invasion.Im not sure. I understand what it means in terms of missionary work,but Im not sure the translation. We gave one companionship 56references. On Friday I was with Elder Mitchell who is from my group. It was anawesome experience with two Americans with 4 months in the mission.I learned a ton from him, and our day was the best I have had with thebest lessons in my mission so far.Sorry about the short parts, but Im out of time.My scripture of the week is 3 Nephi 27:13-16. I love you all. Have a great week. Tyler

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