Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29, 2010
Querida familia,Well glad to hear everything is going well in the ward in Maryland.The party with the members from the ward sounds like it was prettycool, and the kids got to play with their friends in that ward. Ijust have one piece of advice for Dad. :) Practice, practice,practice... Or you can just give up. The second is probably thebetter idea. Mario Kart will just frustrate you most of the time. :)The picture of the nativity scene is awesome. I love it. :)I noticed that Dad kind of left Utah State out of the informationabout football. Im assuming that means they won 3 games total thisyear. I`ll just have to hope that they do well in basketball. Keep meposted. I like basketball better anyway. Thanks for the informationabout Elder Bell. I actually have had information here in Peru.Remember when I talked about Hermano Casanova from the CCM? Well ifyou don`t, he is the Elder`s Quorum President in this ward and hehappened to be one of Elder Bell`s teachers in the CCM in La Molina(Lima, Perù). Im glad to hear that he is doing better. Well here in Perù we had thanksgiving, but it was really just all ofthe Latino Elders calling all of the American Elders to wish them ahappy Thanksgiving. We also ate chicken, (but we eat that every day ,so its nothing special.) This week we had a whole bunch of serviceactivities and we had the opportunity to go and see a Peruano Circo(Peruvian Circus). It was way awesome. I also ate something elseother than cow heart that sounds weird and tastes delicious. I hadcow lung on saturday, and it was way good. I guess that anything froma cow is probably good, except liver. Ive heard that that Americansdon`t like it very much. I had another division this week. This time I was with ElderEcheverria. He is from Guatemala and he is awesome. I learned somuch from proselyting with him. He taught me the importance of goodquestions. About the week being weird. (semana extraño) Milagros didn`t haveher baptism on Saturday. Monday we got a call from a member who heardfrom the friend of Milagros that she didn`t want to be baptized.Tuesday we got a text message from her, telling us she didn`t want tobe baptized and didn`t want to be an investigator anymore. Wednesdaywe had what we thought might be the last lesson with her because ofthe text, but she told us she wants to listen, but doesn`t wantbaptism because of a feeling she had leaving the church and a dreamshe had. We taught the restoration over again and committed her toread a few things. Saturday she wanted to baptized again. So we aregoing to have an interview Tuesday and if she passes it, we will behaving her baptism this Saturday. We also had the Children`s Program is sacrament meeting. It wasawesome. We had 6 investigators at church again today. This time itwas Sislet (she doesn`t want to change her life much right now, butcomes to church every week), Angelica (only came because her son wasin the children`s program), and then 4 investigators that areprogressing a little. Milagros, Llery (who still has the goal forbaptism December 11th), Lourdes who we just started teaching lastweek, and Grecia who is nine years old and would be progressing but itis difficult to find time to teach her because her grandma, who is amember, lives in a different part of Lima and only comes to our sectorSundays, and her mom is always working. Lourdes, Milagros, and Lleryare all progressing right now which is great, and we hope to have 3baptism this month and improve on the amount we had before. My scripture this week is Mosiah 18:17. It talks about the new churchduring the time of Alma the Elder (right after the death of Abinadi).It says "And they were called the church of God, or the church ofCHrist, from that time forward..." We again have the church of Christon the earth. What a great blessing! I hope everything continues to go well. I love you all. Have a great week.Tyler

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