Monday, May 16, 2011

April 16, 2011

Hey family,

I would like to start with a question. The family is going to Florida? And if yes... Why are all the cool trips to places like Kirtland, Ohio, part of new york and Florida all happening after I´ve left?.. Being the oldest stinks.

Well now that Im done whining.

Quick update... I got a change!!! I´ll explain that a little later...

Ok, its a little later...

If you can´t tell by the fact that Im separating a lot of my sentences, I don´t have much to say about this week.

I don´t remember. But my agenda tells me that we that we had a lesson and we challenge Naomi and Maria to baptism. And they accepted! Yes!

A normal day as a missionary... We visited a few people and we did our thing.

Now about the change.
Wednesday morning at about 7:00 I got a call from President Tyler... But I was in the shower so I had to call him back... When I called him he asked me to be his Personal Secretary in the office for the next few changes. Wednesday I started in my new sector. Elder Linares has been working in the sector with a member for the last few days.

So here I am.

So Saturdays will now be my P-Day. always.

I have to go do responsibilities now.

Sorry about the short letter. Ill write more next week.


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