Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25, 2010
Sounds like everything is going well at home and the kids are involvedin a bunch of really cool things right now. Its interesting for methat just as it is getting cold for all of you it is actually warmingup a little bit here and we are getting sun most days for part of theday, which is great for me. Im glad that school is going well and Ihope that Megan`s scores come back with those few points she needs.The 4 year scholarship would definitely be better, but knowing Megan,she will put in the work with whatever scholarship she gets... Unlikethe certain lazy person we know from this last year. Sounds likeeverything is getting crazy for Christmas and sending things should beinteresting... I hate sending mail by the way... Im really glad I cane-mail you, because letters are expensive to send here. Its like 3dollars to send a normal letter to the United States. Im not exactlysure, but its 7.40 soles... Ridiculous... So I will probably onlysend pictures through e-mail. However, I did figure out a slightlycheaper way to send mail. Glad to hear that Trent got the bowlingbelt loop in Cub Scouts. In my opinion, its definitely the mostimportant one... :)This week had its ups and downs. It was really slow with ourinvestigators and it made it a little rought. Tuesday we had aintercambiar in my sector. So I got to go to the district leaderssector while the district leader was in my sector with my companion.I worked with Elder Paredes from Arequipa, PerĂ¹. It was pretty cool,but I think I would have had a better day had I been in my own sector.It made it rough on Elder Paredes because most of the people wantedto spend 20 minutes marvelling at how tall I am and talking to me...By the way, one of these people wants her son to marry Megan and herdaughter to marry Adam, so I think we may have to re-instigatearranged marraiges in our family. :)...The rest of the week was slow, none of our investigators reallyprogresed and it was really hard to find most of them, so our week waskind of rough, but hopefuly it will get better this week. One brightspot in the week was Jeffrey. I don`t know if I have talked abouthim, so Ill re-introduce him. Jeffrey actually found us he was an oldinvestigator from like 7 years ago, and he wanted to talk with usagain. He started with a testimony about Joseph Smith, which alwayshelps. He isn`t married to his esposa, but there is a multiple personmarraige ceremony at the end of the month, which means lots of couplescan be married all in one day, and he wants to be baptized so we willsee how it goes. He is an interesting case, because at this moment wethink he needs to be interviewed by the Mission President because hewas involved in some armed robberies, but he has repented and isimproving his life and trying to improve the life of his family.Saturday we had the baptism of David Robles, who has been aninvestigator for a really long time. I know it has been for more than10 years, but Im not exactly sure how many. The baptism was great,and he and his family can`t wait until they have the opportunity to goto the temple.Sunday was good and bad. The good things were the confirmation ofDavid and the fact that Carmen came to church so we can keep herbaptism date for November 6 the bad news is that Milagros didn`t cometo church and we haven`t been able to find her all week so we don`tknow what is going on. Needless to say we can`t have the baptism datebe sure until she comes to church. We still want the baptism forNovember 13, but we`ll have to see what she does. Sunday Elder Kasatand I also gave talks in sacrament meeting. His was on obedience. Mytopic was "What do I want from this ward?"ish. I wasn`t exactly sure.I talked about the missionary purpose which includes Faith,Repentance, Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to theEnd.Today we had a huge sports activity with our whole mission, which wasawesome. Our Zone had matching jerseys that had Zona San Luis on thefront and our last names and our number on the back. Way cool. Turnsout that I have a really athletic Zone. We won the competition inSoccer and lost in the semis in basketball... It was fun.I love you all, the church is true. My scripture of the week isMatthew 26:39. "And he went a little further, and fell on his face,and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup passfrom me: nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt." I actuallyused this in a few lessons. This scripture is one of many that showsthe absolute obedience and humility of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ wasgoing through incredible pain, and asked that if there was any otherway it could be done, to stop the suffering, however with Hisincredible understanding and absolute humility he submitted himself tothe will of the Father. This is an incredible example for us and Iknow it is important. I know that humility is important and I haveseen it in action here and I have come to realize I was no where nearas humble as I thought I was. Again I love you all. Keep Pushing On.Tyler

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