Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1, 2010

Hola familia,Glad to hear that everything is going pretty well in Maryland and thatthe kids are staying busy and having fun. Jazz band sounds prettyawesome for everyone and I have no doubt that Adam can handle Jazzband, especially if he practices hard. Soccer sounds like its goingpretty well for everyone. Sounds like the piano is going well forAdam and Trevor still. And I still expect Trevor to have written afew songs by the time I get back. :) The ward sounds great. And itsounds like everyone is going to get all of their service hours prettyeasily.This week was kind of rough for us again. I have been getting alittle frustrated with my companion lately. I feel like we justaren`t working as hard as we can and we could have a lot moreopportunities to teach people if we worked harder, but its tough forme to do anything about it. We were able to talk to Jeffrey andMilagros a little bit, but not much else investigator-wise happenedthis week. I spent most of the week a little frustrated because notmuch was happening, but on Sunday I got a great uplifting experience.We had Stake Conference this past Sunday and we had the opportunity tohave Elder Rafael E. Pino of the Seventy come and talk in our stakeconference. Milagros and Carmen both came to the conference which wasgreat, and a little uplifting since we had only had one investigatorcome to church the past few weeks. Every little improvement is great.President Tyler and Hermana Tyler came to the Stake Conference aswell, and this was probably my favorite part of the day... We had theopportunity to introduce Hermana Tyler to Milagros and Carmen and shetalked to them for a couple minutes. We also got to introduce DavidRobles and his family to Hermana Tyler and we took a pictureafterwards. After the picture everyone was excessively happy. Ithink its impossible to be sad when Hermana Tyler is around. Shealways is so happy. This is when Hermana Tyler turned to me and saidsomething. I can`t even remember what she said exactly, but thespirit behind it was incredible. It was something along the lines of,Doesn`t this bring you joy... The opportunity this family has to havean eternal family? This made me think a lot. This is why Im here.To help people have eternal families and eternal life. Even when itis just one person I baptize, Milagros for example. Milagros is 23and after her baptism will have started the process for her to have aneternal family. She can marry someone in the temple and their familycan be together forever. We also have the people like David who arethe final member of their family with baptism and now their family canbe eternal. It was awesome.We have transfers tomorrow, but they don`t affect Elder Kasat and I.We are both staying in Porvenir for 6 more weeks, and then after thatwe are pretty certain Elder Kasat will receive a change at least.President Tyler makes a lot of changes every transfer and we weresurprised Elder Kasat didn`t get a transfer this time. I was ElderKasat`s fourth companion in four transfers and he has already been intwo areas. So he was pretty excited not to make it 5 companions in 5transfers.I hope everything is going well. My scripture of the week is Alma12:26 which is a great scripture about trust in God. And power inGod. Its Ammon talking and its great....I love you all. Have a great week.Tyler

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