Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010
Hola mi familia,Im glad to hear that everything is going well and that Mom has anawesome calling in the ward. Sounds like the ward talent show waspretty cool, and that the Rasmussen family helped a whole bunch. Ican`t wait until I get those pictures from you. I do love the glowstick dance talent, and Im glad that Trent got the last laugh in theskit. Im glad that you are having success with baptisms in the ward.Its great to hear about your experiences with missionary work. Dad`sconference in Orlando sounds like it was interesting. We actually hadthe same lesson that Dad taught in High Priests in the Elders Quorumin Barrio Porvenir. Im glad you got the bus receipts and everythingelse. I look for random things I can send a lot of the time becausethere really isn`t a whole lot of things that can be mailed.This week was loaded with great experiences. We`ll start with Monday:Monday started really slow for us, but it finished great. We had aFamily Home Evening with David Robles and his family. They areawesome and are going to be some strong members in the ward. He justgot a calling as the 2nd counselor in the Young Men`s Presidency. Inthis Family Home Evening, his daughter Dhara gave the lesson. She is12 and has been a member for a few years, and her lesson was awesome.She talked about temporal and spiritual blessings in our lives. Shealso talked about a few other small things. She used an awesomescripture, (its one of 2 of the week) which is Moses 6:63. This talksabout the fact that all things bear witness of God, temporal andspiritual. The fact that we can live on this earth is one of them.If the earth was any closer or further from the sun, if we had adifferent mixture of elements in the atmosphere, and even in the moonwasn`t where it is, the earth would have drastic differences andpossibly be uninhabitable. Tuesday we had a one day split so that Elder Kasat could view the areaof the other missionaries in our district. (Elder Kasat is DistrictLeader, I don`t remember if I told you). Becuase of this I had ElderRichins in my sector. He is from California and doesn`t talk a wholebunch, and because we were in my area, I had to lead all thediscussions and I did almost all of the talking. I had to trust inthe spirit more and it was a great opportunity for me to learn totrust in the spirit more. Milagros also accepted a baptismal date forthe 27th and she promised that she would cancel anything else thatcame up so she could go to church. This week throughout the week, Junior also became willing to marryElizabeth so that she can get baptized in the church and their familycan progress in the gospel. We have one hold-up in this. There is alarge marraige service this Saturday but we are not sure if they willbe allowed to participate because you have to call in a little inadvance, and it may be too late to call in. We also had anotherlesson with Milagros. We also gained a new investigator Llery who hasbeen coming to church and she accepted a baptismal challenge forDecember 11th. Sunday was awesome. We had 6 investigators at church. Elizabeth,Milagros, and Llery all came as well as Grecia who is a 9 year-old weare working with. We also gained a reference of a member in the wardduring church and we hope to be able to visit her a little bit. Hername is Mayra and she wants to learn, but she is only available onSundays so it is hard. We met with a returned missionary in the wardfor dinner and he taught me a few things about missionary work. My other scripture of the week is Mosiah 14:7 which talks about JesusChrist refusing to talk and respond to attackers when He was beingscourged and judged before He was crucified. It reminded me ofsomething I read in Jesus the Christ about Pilot and his amazement atthe quiet dignity of Christ. His submissive yet majestic manner.(Jesus the Christ page 633-634 if you want to look at it. ) :) JesusChrist would not respond to incriminating and false accusations of theJews. I think this is so important, because Christ suffered for eachof us and when being judged falsely did not defend himself, but stoodin submissive majesty because this was part of why He came to earth.We all need to submit ourselves to Him and The Father. This is oneway we can be humble in this life. I love you all and hope everything continues to go well. The Churchis true and Jesus Christ is our Savior, Redeemer, and perfect examplein this life. Good luck with this week and keep working hardeveryone. Tyler

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