Sunday, January 23, 2011

January, 17,2011
Hey family!Its crazy, I am finishing my third change in the mission, and itsinteresting. We were certain that Elder Kasat was going to be leavingat the end of this change, but we have been hearing rumors that he isstaying one more and Ill be leaving. So now we don`t really knowanything.Glad to hear that you are still staying involved with the baptisms inthe ward and that Trevor is using his awesome piano playing ability.Im also glad to hear that Trent learned a little more about playingbasketball from Mom, and that Dad got to play ref in one of the manybasketball games of the weekend. Im also glad to hear that Utah Stateis 16 - 2. Hopefully they will get past the first round of the NCAAtournament this year. Hopefully BYU does well as well in thetournament. I always like to see the teams from Utah beating up onthe other teams in the country. Curious? Did Utah State and BYU playthis year? Please keep me updated.I hope mom`s ankle gets to healing fast so that she can go about herlife normally again. Injurys and sickness are terrible. Im alsoglad to see that Alex has taken care of his Mario egg. This week was a little different. We didn`t have a whole lot ofsuccess finding new people to teach, but we had quite a bit of successgiving out Books of Mormon and teaching our investigators that we havenow. Monday we finally got a baptismal date with Angelica. She isgetting baptized this Friday and we have another baptismal date thisSaturday for Lourdes.On Friday I finished the Doctrine and Covenants in English and Ilearned a ton. It was really great. I also loved Wilford Woodruffsaddresses with Declaration 1. It was a good experience to readDoctrine and Covenants because so much of it is about missionary work.Sunday we had a little trouble because Elder Kasat was sick the wholeday. But we did have 5 investigators come to church which is morethan double what we have been having lately. I learned a couplethings from church as well. The first was that candy works for adultsand children. IN church Sunday we had Hermana Gibson, one of themembers of the ward, teaching the investigators class. She broughtcandy and the lesson went really well. I know that the candy isn`tthe reason, but I do like to imagine. I also learned more about being100 percent obedient all of the time for my protection and for mysuccess.We had a really spiritual experience today. I was really sick allnight. I spent the whole night vomiting, and had only about an hourof sleep. In the morning Elder Kasat and a member gave me a blessing.I spent a couple hours sleeping and now I am feeling a whole lotbetter. Im still not a hundred percent, but thats to be expected whenyou are a sick as I was. It was another great testimony for me of thepower of the priesthood and of priesthood blessings.My scriptures of the week are at the end of Doctrine and Covenantswhen Wilford Woodruff says that the Lord will never let a prophet leadthe church astray, and Oliver Cowdery`s testimony at the end of JosephSmith - History. I loved reading these and I learned a lot throughreading them.I know that the church is true, and what a blessing it is to have awhole bunch of priesthood holders in the family. I know that the Bookof Mormon is true and it can bless all of our lives. I hopeeverything goes well this week, and you can find a spiritualexperience every day. I love you all. Tyler

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