Monday, July 25, 2011

July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan!!! In 5 days anyway,

I´m gonna say that it feels really weird for me to think that Megan is going to be turning 18. I feel kind of cheated because Megan will have the opportunity to vote before I will, but its okay. I also am reminded that my little sister will be as far as me in school when I get back from my mission. Weird.

Another week has gone by, really, really, really fast. We have been super busy as well with a few different things that have come up in the mission, however its been pretty cool as well. This change we had a ton of changes to the mission. We also have 21 new missionaries who have entered the mission and only 14 left, so, the mission keeps on growing. We also had a change here in the office. Elder Bate finished his mission and so we got a new assistant. His name is Elder Stauffer and he is from Layton. I like joking now that half of the office Elders are from Davis County so the office must be pretty cool. Elder Stauffer is awesome, and he is going to be a great assistant, although the office is going to miss Elder Bate. He had a huge impact here. He was a great example for me as well. We are excited to have Elder Stauffer here, and he is excited to be able to serve the other missionaries in the mission, we are also excited for this upcoming change. I am also super excited to be able to work with Elder Noriega again. He is awesome. We get along great, because we are quite similar, and although we still need to work a little bit on our unity in teaching, we feel like things are going to go pretty well for us this change.

This last week has been pretty crazy, we had an activity in the ward that went pretty well. The members gave us a bunch of support. We also had a division. I was with Elder Pineda and Elder Noriega went with a member to teach an 80 year old priest from another religion in the hospital. It is amazing the effect that members can have in the work. This man became interested in the gospel because of a member who worked at the hospital who had the charity and the love to help this man when he was in need. He saw the light of Christ in her and the example of the believers that she was, helped him find the gospel, and now he wants to be baptized. We just need him to get out of the hospital. We are going to go back and visit him again tomorrow, and see how he is doing.

Well that´s all for this week, I hope everything is going well, and you can find teaching opportunities every day, and you can be examples of the believers like this sister in my ward. I love you all,

Elder Tyler Rasmussen

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