Monday, July 4, 2011

July 2, 2011

In the flying missionary pictures last week we were landing on a mattress on the floor.
A few pictures
1. The office with President and Sister Tyler and their daughter.
2 My poor shoes... Yes I did finally start using the other pair.
3.Map of our mission. Its kind of hard to see, but if you can zoom in using the computer you can see the names of the zones. PS you can also see missionary boundries by logging in with your member account on Its pretty cool. You can see really how incredibly small our mission is.

Hey family,

It´s way cool to hear about the experiences you have had this week. The youth conference in Kirtland sounds way cool. I think it would be awesome to be involved in something like that. Dad tells me that the spirit was really strong, and I felt the spirit just reading about it. Way to be examples to those around you. It´s great to hear that the kids talk about my mission, but at the same time, the boys can give their testimonies and share that you are also going to serve missions in the church. Never be afraid to bear your testimony, no matter how small it is. The simplest heart-felt testimony can touch the hearts of others and lead them to a desire to come unto Christ. You have power, and through the bearing of your testimony, your testimony will grow and become more powerful. Alma 37:6-7 says that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. These small testimonies can bring the salvation to the souls of your friends. verse seven says that the "Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; And by very small means the Lord...bringeth about the salvation of many souls." Your testimony can be this small and simple thing. I am way happy and proud to hear that Trevor had the opportunity to bear his testimony about the experience during sacrament meeting. For me, testimonies are very important. Through a spiritually guided testimony, we can invite the Spirit to touch the hearts of our friends, families, neighbors, and all others who we come in contact with.
We are seeking to do the work of the Lord here in Peru and there are 50,000 other missionaries just like me doing the same. And that´s just the ones doing it full-time. The efforts of the millions of members throughout the world, inviting people to come unto Christ is amazing. As Daniel prophesied, the stone cut out of the mountain is beginning to feel the whole earth. I know that the gospel will continue to be preached until it feels the earth.
This week we haven´t had a lot of time to work in our sector, however we have been blessed with opportunities to teach and help others. We were involved in a family home evening and we taught about faith. It was a great experience and we were guided by the spirit. I love seeing the faith of the people around me here. We are trying to work with a lot of the young men in the ward, because many are inactive. We are hoping we can get to know them and help the learn about the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their live so that they can feel the desire to come to church, and learn of him and eventually serve missions like we are serving right now. We are going to do it through a variety of methods. Activities, sports, and service. We are hoping that soon there will be 20 young men attending the ward. (Right now there are about 4.) We are also trying to help guide our investigators to the truth of the gospel. The sister missionaries in the ward are having a baptism today. Its Marco. Im not certain if I mentioned him or not, but he has only been investigating the church for about 2 weeks. It just goes to show that through the power of the Spirit many people can come to love their Savior. It also shows that the Lord brings the people who are prepared to receive the gospel to us as missionaries.
My scripture of the week is in Alma 61:9. In 60, Moroni sends a letter to Pahoran the chief judge and gets after him for not sending more reinforcements, In Alma 61 we learn that there have been problems in the land and Pahoran has been removed from the judgment seat by rebels. Pahoran could have been angry for the chastisement he received from Moroni, but he showed his humility and his love in verse 9 when he says "you have censured me, but it mattereth not; I am not angry, but do rejoice in the greatness of your heart." He then begins to talk about the liberty that is so important to him. I think we can follow his example and not allow ourselves to be angry with the things people say to us. Its definitely something I have been trying to work on here in Peru.
I hope everything continues to go well at home, and you keep getting opportunities to share the gospel with those around you. I love you all and hope that you can be the hands of God in blessing the lives of others.

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