Monday, July 25, 2011

July 9, 2011

Hey family,
Sounds like life was pretty normal this last week. Its pretty awesome that Megan, Trevor and Alex are all working. And way to go Adam for beating us all at merit badge getting at scout camp. That´s pretty sweet. You finished half an Eagle Scout in one camp. :) Just remember to keep working hard to achieve it.
This week in Lima has been pretty interesting. We are getting ready for the changes, so obviously there is a lot for us to do right now. We are also trying to work hard on finding people to teach and help come to the knowledge of the gospel. We haven´t had much success with the references and door knocking, but we keep trying to move forward and be happy. One cool thing is that I learned how to do a rubik´s cube again. :) We also have had the opportunity to talk to a few less actives in the ward and plan with the youth leaders more on how to work with the young men.
There isn´t a whole lot to report. Mostly we have just been really busy. Although Wednesday in our District Meeting. Elder Lopez, who is our district leader, taught about the fact that everyone needs to improve and we decided as a district on how we could help each other improve on the Christ-Like Attributes. I had two that I decided I wanted to work on. Obedience, and Love and Charity. Obedience is always something I can improve on in the mission. Little things like going to bed at 10:30 and getting up right at 6:30, and using study time in an effective way. I also decided to work on Love and Charity. I have learned here that love and charity are things that are essential for missionaries. I sometimes feel like the mission is too hard, or get frustrated when people don´t listen, and then when we pass people in the street who I would rather not talk to because I don´t think they would listen or I don´t trust them, I realize that I am not showing love for them. Someone once asked a group of us in a meeting if we loved the people in Peru. Everyone says, ya we love our investigators, and the members... but to say that they loved all of the people in Peru that they come in contact with is very hard to say yes to. Its something I want to work on. An unconditional love like that of Jesus Christ.

I love you all, and hope the weeks keep going well.


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