Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Family January
2, 2012

(That means Happy New

Glad to hear that you
had a good week last week and that you have been enjoying yourselves there in
Maryland. Sounds like everything is going amazingly.

This week in Peru was
interesting. We had a few rough days because of the Holidays. We also learned
something... Bars aren`t friends to missionary work. Neither is alcohol... (Its
like I learned something new... :) ) Saturday night going into Sunday was
terrible. We slept... almost nothing... There is a bar on the other side of the
street and they had a New Years party that lasted until 8:00 Sunday morning and
at 9:30 when we were out trying to get investigators to come to church, there
were fights happening outside of the bar. Sounds like a great way to start the
New Year...

This week also had a
few great things. We were able to set baptismal dates with Anabely and with
Hugo. They are both planning on getting baptized in January. Anabely is a young
women who is 17 and she is pretty awesome. She learns quickly and has a great
desire to know more about the gospel. Hugo is the opposite. He has been
receiving the missionaries for over a year and finally has decided that he
wants to be baptized. The Lord blessed us for our efforts, even when we
struggled a little bit with homesickness.

We also have been able
to meet a few new people and the members are getting excited to help with the
missionary work. Sunday we received 3 references from the members in the ward
and they even set up appointments with us to be able to go and visit the
references. The change in the Bishopric has also been good although the New
Year has made things a little bit difficult. Elder Jimenez and I are excited to
keep working. These last few days we have set some goals for this transfer and
for this year, and we are working on many things to improve. I think that there
is always something that we can improve on. The blessings come when we are
humble enough to recognize our faults and repent. Then the Lord helps to
improve and move on.

I love you all and
hope that this New Year becomes a great one, and if you ever are feeling down,
just remember that your favorite oldest son, (or brother) comes home this
year... Ha ha... I know that the gospel is true and that through faith in
Christ we can achieve things that we never would have imagined. The Lord will
guide our steps and direct our paths. The Lord who knows us better than we know
ourselves and who knows exactly what we NEED will help us find it, even if it
is a little bit different than what we want. I know that as it says in Ether
12:27 our weaknesses will be made strong.

Again, I love you


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