Monday, February 6, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hey family,
Glad to hear that Megan got back to Utah State safe and sound, but not so glad
to hear that Trevor can now drive a car without supervision.... That should
never be legal....
Well this week was one word... AWESOME!!! We were able to get a ton of work
done here in the sector. On Tuesday we had a Multi-Zone conference and I
learned a lot from President Tyler about the Book of Mormon... He reemphasized
(Hope thats a word) the importance of the Book of Mormon in our teaching and
taught us that our teaching should be focused in the Book of Mormon.
Thursday we were able to go to the temple again.... So refreshing... And I
spent like 15 dollars of the money you sent me on ties and awesome videos. IT
was pretty sweet...
About the investigators...
This week was a great improvement for us...
Anabely is doing great and is progressing towards her baptism and she is way
excited to be getting baptized... She wasn't going to be able to come to church
because she was going to be gone from Friday until today, but Saturday we felt
the need to pray for her... In our room we said a prayer... I was able to offer
it, and I felt good afterwards... We then arrived at her house 4 hours later to
try and call her and find out what her needs are, and lo and behold, she had
come back two days early... Our prayer was answered and she was able to attend
church on Sunday...
We are also working with Liliana, Anabely's aunt. She also came to church and
is excited to be baptized as well...
We are also working with Javier more... He was unable to attend church, but he
is still progressing slowly and wants to do what is right...
Hugo also was able to come to church on Sunday and we were able to see that he
is learning a lot... We are doing our best to help him resolve any doubts that
he has... and he is moving along.
We also were able to meet with a young woman named Fiorella on Sunday... She is
awesome, and wants to learn more about the gospel... She had come to chuch the
last two weeks... But I thought she was a less active member (oops) Well we
talked to her and we were able to set a baptismal date for her for the end of
February... She is going out of town for two weeks, so we will have limited
contact, but she is awesome...
We also have good news about Lex (He's 4) He came to church too, with his older
siblings and his mom, and we weren't planning on them being there because we
thought that his mom Ericka would be working... But the Lord blessed us there
as well..
We saw a lot of blessings this week... In total 10 of our investigators came to
church on Sunday... That is the highest amount that I have seen in all of my
mission and more than double the amount that I have seen in this sector.
The work is progressing, and the Lord blesses us for our efforts... The Church
is True... The Savior loves each of us individually and wants the best for us.
I love you all and hope that you can continue to see the blessings of the Lord
in your lives....

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