Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey family!!! January
30, 2012

Glad to hear that everything is going
well for you there in Maryland and that Megan is surviving the life in
Logan.... :) Life in Lima is like living in a tanning salon... I am constantly
sun burnt.... My fault really, because I don`t use sun screen, but it is still
sad...Every Saturday we have activities with our investigators so that we can
help them be more excited, and every Saturday I get sun burnt...Then Monday,
P-Day, I got sun burnt again... I finally heal completely by Thursday just to
get burnt again on saturday... Awesome right? I guess I should start using sun

This week was crazy.... And now of
course, I can`t remember everything that happened... It all just blew by so
fast... The mission is blowing by and I can`t keep up... It`s kind of
frustrating sometimes....

This week I had two trainings that I
had to go to. The first one Tuesday was for the leaders of the mission, and
because I am a district leader, I had to go, but the adventure didn`t start
there...At 7;00 in the morning my companion had to be in the office to go to
the immigration office in Lima to finish getting his residence... So we had to
get up at 5;00 in the morning to get there, and then I went to the meeting
which was in a different part of Lima... At the end of the meeting I went back
to the office to get my companion (I was with another Elder while he was in
immigrations) and then we had to rush back to our sector because we had to do a
change with the missionaries in my district so that I could do 2 baptismal
interviews in their sector...

The second training was on Friday for
all of the Elders being trained and their trainers... And since I am currently
training, Elder Jimenez and I had to go... It was pretty good, but it made our
life crazy, because the baptism for Anabely and Liliana was at 5:00 that
afternoon... We finally got back at about 1:30... We had to go eat lunch really
fast and then we had to run to the church with our ward missionaries to
decorate, clean, and prepare for the baptism... At 5:00 we were rolling and the
baptism was ready to go with only one problem, because the baptism was at 5:00
on a weekday we needed one
more priesthood holder to be able to
be a witness for the baptisms... So we had to wait until 5:30 when the 2nd
counselor of the Bishopric got to the baptism... The baptism ended at 6:30 and
we had to hop on a bus to get over to my districts chapel again to do another
baptismal interview at 7:30.. The interview ended at 8:00 and we had to flying
back to our chapel to do clean-up... Basically crazy.

At the end of the week we looked back
to see how it went... It was a pretty crazy week, and we had a few struggles,
but in the end the Lord blessed us because in our district we had 5 baptisms...
2 in my sector and 3 in the sector of the Elders in my district... The Lord
blessed us to be able to have the time to take care of everything that we had
to take care of.

Sunday we also saw many blessings...
We wound up with 5 investigators who came to church and a large group of
inactives who we have visited... The Lord blessed us a ton and the ward
attendance was up above 130 or 140 people in attendance, which is at least 20
to 25 people above the normal... The spirit was strong and the talks were
good... The Lord is blessings the ward right now... The new Bishop is doing
everything he can to improve the ward and change the small things that need
changing, and he is great to work with... the members are also getting more
excited with the work...

I love this gospel, and I know that
the church is true... I know that Christ lives... The blessings that come
through the gospel are incredible... The Lord guides us in our lives and the
Spirit brings peace to our souls when there is no where else to find it... I have
seen that here in San Martìn... In the 5 and a half months that I have been
here, I have seen more trials in the lives of the people I am teaching and I
have had more trials than in very possibly any other part of my life, but the
Lord has brought me peace and joy and has helped me when the trials come... I
have seen people who have suffered from abuse, alcohol, violence, and many
other horrid things, but through Jesus Christ we are able to help them find
peace... The Lord loves them and they begin to feel this love... As it says in
Doctrine and Covenants "The worth of souls is great in the sight of
God" Everyone needs to know their worth, and the gospel helps them find
their worth...

I love you all, and hope that this
week is filled with blessings from the Lord.


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